Monday, April 29, 2013

29 April 2013.

I love you so much Mom, I just wanted to say thank you for all the prayers; I feel their comfort all the time.

{On my way to Napier}
This has been a great week, a lot of stuff went on. First, off I went on my first exchange that I was really away from my soa. I didn't know what to expect from being away from my father (in my mission all the missionaries have like their own family line. Elder Kavea, my father, has trained two other boys so I have two brothers. I am already an Uncle to someone.) Remind me to send a picture of my family tree. I went on the exchange with one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Bender, he is from Tasmania--that little island off of Australia. The area that we went to serve in is called Napier. It is close to the coast but I never got a picture of it. While we were door knocking we had a crazy lady come outside. This lady was really psycho! First off she told us her son was in Heaven and that she got to see his body (it had been tortured) and how he had a big hole on the back of his skull. Gross, but then she started on that she id tired of people f-ing hunting her. (While she said this she was about over the fence in Elder Benders face) Then she wend on to tell us the reason why she was being hunted was because she is part of f-ing Jesus Christs Blood line. It was the weirdest thing Elder Bender and I have seen. So that was something that I will remember about my first exchange. Elder Bender also told me I am getting better at talking to people, just use that big smile of yours!!!! So that made me feel better. I also got s hair cut from a member in this area; he gives all the missionaries free hair cuts and I look skuxx (hot, good looking)!

{Elder Bender and Elder Nevitt}
Just the past couple of days my soa and me have been moving. We moved from 7 Mclean Terrace to 1A St. Marys. It is like a 5 star hotel compared to the place we were staying at the other day. The reason we moved was because the senior couple in the area was released because of medical reasons. This is sad because this old couple would go around peoples homes door knocking and they were all about the work. I think it is very cool that I am moving into a new flat, it is close to my second transfer so I got to move into my other house for my next transfer.

{Elder Nevitt eating from the Tree of Life}
On Sunday my two branches met together. Taipuks chapel building is being renovated so we went to the Hauke building. Which is the other branch that we are a part of. It was good to meet them because we are stuck in Waipuk because I messed up on my license test. I will be doing in on the 20th of May and I won't forget anything that I need now.

It is good to know that you guys are safe.

{Elder Nevitt with Elder Dalit}

{Elder Nevitt and Elder Nelson}

Love you all, 444 God will support!!!! Elder Nevitt

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