Monday, April 15, 2013

15 April 2013.

I have been on splits with my district leader and two other Elders this week for conference. It is a little weird to flat with other Elders when I'm so used to doing different stuff with my Soa. General Conference was amazing. During priesthood session I loved how Beck talked about that Johnson girl and Carson; I was like yelling to everyone in my branch "I know them! I know them!" It was pretty cool. Right now I am in Hastings. I don't have any of my stuff--pray for me my driving test is in four hours--scary stuff.

{MTC with Elder Cook}
Turns out I messed up pretty bad; I left all of my papers for the driving test in Waipak (short for my area) so I called the office and they said to just schedule it for another day and it will be reimbursed. My favorite talk in conference was Elder Neil L. Anderson's signs and miracles will follow the faithful and Elder Ellis's about him growing up on a farm and how he related it to needing to stick to the basics

{MTC Elder Vanishi}
Exchanges were fun it was something to be able to go out with missionaries other than Elder Kavea. I went with Elder Evans (from my intake) and Elder Taelega he's a pretty cool guy but he only has two months left.  Elder Kavea and I were knocking doors this week and we met a Jehovah's Witness. She let us in but would hardly let us talk, she had a bunch of Mormon stuff, and we asked her why she wouldn't read any of them. We answered her questions of the first page of the Book of Mormon. I read it to her and I felt the Spirit, I even started to cry a bit as I bore my testimony, but she shrugged it off her shoulder. It was a different experience. It is starting to rain here, hopefully the mountains get green and I can send you green photos. Send me some pictures from T-ball and the farm and some of me. I love you all

444, God will support! Elder Nevitt

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