Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 April 2013.

I got to come back and email again today because I had such a short amount of time yesterday. So here it goes; I am with Elder Kavea. He is from Sydney, Australia and he is split right down the middle, half Tongan and half Samoan. I really think he is a good guy, I love him already...I hope that it stays that way. I have no idea how to put pictures on the email. I'm gonna get a flash drive and see if that will help me with that because that's what took so long yesterday. My area is kind of small and big. I can't get to my other areas until I get my license. It's weird man everyone drives on the other side of the road. Someone  from the MTC wrote me saying that the AP that picked him up from the airport in Guam was ELDER ALLEN!!!! It is a small world. I can't believe he is the closest one to me right now!!!! I don't want you guys to worry about me, but I am homesick; if I am not studying or talking with my soa (companion) I am practically crying or wanting to cry!!!! I HATE MY BIKE. I have never felt so much dang pain in my butt, it hurts all the time. We haven't had that much success at all. We have to go door to door knocking and we haven't received any refurrals but I am still loving the work. I had my first District Meeting today! It was good, I gave the thought on virtue, we played ping pong and some other stuff.

Melissa: I need you to come cut my hair! My bike helmet makes my hair look so gross and I don't want to spend any money on getting it cut!!! I miss you so!!!!
Malinda: I don't know how to do the pic thing on the computer, come and tell me how to do it!!!! I love the blog, I'm looking at it right now. I wish there were more photos on it because I have a lot of them.

{Elder Kavea and a Sheep}
Melanie: It is so cool to know your boys are having fun. I try petting all the sheep around but they run away!!! There are tones of them here!!! Tell the boys I love them and Preston also.

{The Weta}
Ole: There is a house in my area with an Argentina flag, I'm gonna knock that door soon! It was so weird, there was this bug at the Mission President's house. It was so big and the pinchers on it...WOW!!! I love you, tell Kaydee and Janae.
Megan: How's your leg? I think about it and wish I had that problem when I'm riding my stupid bike. Hahaha. How's Duck Dynasty? The area I'm in reminds me of the Longfellow's from Baptist at our BBQ. Hahahahaha. It is so cool, I feel like Tartan, so many different things going on.

Mom and Papa, I love you guys so much, thank you so much for all you do!!!! I miss you so much. Always the little things make me think of you. I really don't write much because there is so much to write. After packing up all my stuff from the MTC and had left I had the thought, where is my electric shaver? Someone stole my shaver! I have to use my blades every day now, I get so mad about that (mostly at me). Don't worry about it I just wanted to tell you. The best soda here is L&P, look it up, it's really good. Also Tim Tams Australian, ask Wilkins what they are he will know. I don't know what else to write so much is going through my head.

444 God will support, till next week. Love, Elder Nevitt

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