Monday, April 22, 2013

22 April 2013.

Dear Familia,

I love each and everyone of you guys. It is funny what you guys told be before I left, I think all of it is true. I just had a thought to write this before I email today. So it's really just a letter of appreciation.

{Elder Nevitt's District}
Mom, I love you. I just want to say thank you for preparing me for this time in my life. I am having a blast and there is no need to worry about me alright.

Papa, I wish I could be doing all of that work for you. I really do miss it. I didn't think I would. But I am.

Melissa, I really need someone to do my hair. I really do not trust any of the Elders to do it. But I am going to have to face that fear sooner or later. I love you so much Sissa, be good!

Lala, I haven't seen any Hobbit of Lord of the Rings stuff. Sad, but my District Leader tried to take my Hobbit journal, he liked it a lot. Thank you so much for the letters and pics of you guys and my blog.

{Elder Nevitt and cows}
Melanie, Preston, and the boys. I can't believe that you guys have a turtle, shell-y. What in the world?! Does Warner ride it around? Is it like a real dinosaur? I think that it is pretty cool. And did someone start playing t-ball? You are the man ehell Swat az (azz) it's a saying everyone says. I love you guys a lot. I will write you guys soon.

Ole and Nae. How dare you guys go to Culvers! How could you do that? Well I guess that's ok. How's my baby Ipad? Does it miss me doing my facebooking on it? I heard that Kaydee is starting to roll all around, you should send me a video of it happening with my baby alright!!!! How's the D-Backs doing? I heard they beat the Yankees!

Chubby Muffin Megan, How are you going? Is your leg getting better? Haha I just thought I mess my toes with a tray also. We are just alike...does that look like a thumbs up? I miss you Megan, I love you too.

{Elder Kavea and Elder Nevitt in Lava Lavas}
Bye, Bye now family. Be good and keep out of trouble.

444 God will support!! Love, Elder Nevitt

p.s. Melanie I would like some decals! Please send the other letters, I don't have enough money!

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