Sunday, May 26, 2013

26 May 2013.

This past week has been a blast, pretty fun. It started off Monday, we were able to go to Hastings for my license test. It is always fun to have P-day with more people than just you and your companion. But there was some bad news that happened too. The warrant of fitness was not updated on the car so I had no chance to take the test. All I can say is this must be what the Lord wants.

{Elder Nevitt in his bike helmet}
Then on Tuesday, my Soa and I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. It's really good to be able to out with other people. We both went to Napier this time which is good; I like spending time with my trainer/father. But an experience we had while I was with Elder Smith was gross. We were able to go up to these peoples home and the lady seemed very interested and told us to come back where she lived with her boyfriend. We were talking to both of them and the guys told Elder Smith, "I wouldn't step there, that is where I do all my vomiting." I couldn't even stop looking at the place that he said. Elder Smith's new shoes had vomit all over them. I wanted to vomit, and you know how I am with vomit around me. I was just praying please don't let this guys vomit and let Elder Smith what to say--I'm still scared to talk!!!

{Elder Nevitt's new favorite Tip Top Ice Cream}
Then we had Zone Conference on Thursday! I loved it. I got to see all the missionaries in my zone and talk to them. And the best thing was that President Kezerian was able to talk to us about what we needed to hear. The one thing I remember was always to have this question in mind: What is the next ordinance that this person needs? This question is for everyone in the gospel and for people that have not heard the gospel. From the ordinance of baptism and the ordinance of receiving the priesthood.

{Elder Nevitt's holy pants}
Right after Zone Conference I started another exchange with my District Leader and his companion. That night while I was riding someones bike I heard a loud ripping sound. It happened when I put my leg up to ride the bike. My suit pants ripped!!!!!!!! This means I am getting fat!!! NOOOOOOO.. Well the pants were a little tight, they were the ones I found in my flat so nothing that I bought has ripped yet--that is good news.
{Elder Kavea}
Saturday night our exchanges ended and we went back home it was great being back in our own flat just my companion and me. While I was preparing my talk for tomorrow my Soa had something to tell me. He said I wanted to tell you earlier but I didn't know how. So I started thinking what am I going to tell President? But then he went on and said that he received a call from Elder Smith, one of my Zone Leaders, and he told him that he is being transferred!! I will be getting a Tahitian companion. This brought me to tears. I do not like change. I couldn't focus on what my talk was going to be on. I didn't even fall asleep till about 12. But last night my Soa got a cold of some sort with a bad headache and fever and asked for a blessing of comfort. The Lord works in many different ways. By giving him the blessing I was comforted as well and know that getting a new companion is the right thing.

I love my trainer; I am sad that he is leaving me but it is for the best. I love you Elder Kavea. So I just want to say I love you family, the church is true.

444 God will support!!! Love, Elder Nevitt

I cannot believe Mom and Papa got a calling to teach institute. Are you going to keep going because they are teaching? And Monte and Julie moved, what the heck!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

19 May 2013.

Papa it was very nice talking with all of you guys so much!!!! I want to do it everyday. But I need to lose myself in the work. Today I am in Hastings getting ready for my driving test. I have no reason not to pass it. I am on the Lord's errand, I will be fine. I will never be mad at you, Papa, and I won't spend all my money in one place--I don't even like spending it when I have too.

{Elder Nevitt and Emperor Kuzco}
I want to write to Mema right now--you can show her this or tell her--but I want to say thank you and Happy Mema day. Sorry I haven't sent her anything yet so this is it. Mema, I just want to write you and tell you I love you so much. You have done so much for me and my family. Thank you for raising my dad the way you did. All that I remember growing up was my dad telling stories of his mission, and how much he grew on the mission. It means the world to me that you raised a wonderful son that became my father, he has set a great example or me and you yourself by serving a mission. Love you. 444 God will support!

{The Fog Elder Nevitt wakes up to every morning}
Now Grandma. Grandma, thanks for coming to Skype with me. Sorry you couldn't hear me. But at least I was able to see you and you were able to see me. I have written you a letter and it should come before a months time is done. It has some good stuff in it explaining the reasons I love you, but the reason I love you the most is you are my Grandma. You have loved me and cared for me. I love you and I will never stop praying for you. Love you!

{The Rugby game Elder Nevitt goes to every Saturday to do his weekly planning}
Mom. Gosh dang it, Mom, why can't you be in New Zealand with me. I love you and miss you. I am glad that I got to Skype with you and that you were able to hear me and speak with me. One of the things I don't look forward to is waking up in the morning. The reason why is I have to wake up. I usually dream of talking to you, family, friends. In the dream they always ask me why are you back here, aren't you suppose to be in New Zealand. I say yes, I am bit this is a dream keep talking to me. So I think you are always with me. Then I have to go make something to eat, why can't you be here to make me some food!!!! And then I have to clean the house! I know when I come back home I will help you out more. You do so much for all of your kids. Thank you!

{Elder Nevitt with the ball}
And here is a shout out to Melanie and Janae. Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!

{Hastings District via Mission Website}
This past couple weeks have been great. I still keep pushing back Tony O'Rielly's baptism but I know it will happen. He is in Wellington for the week. One experience I has this week was in Takapau (I have no idea how to spell it). We went there with Brother Barnett--he reminds me of Papa because he can talk your ear off any day and he is also a High Councilman--but he was our ride. We went to a couple of potentials houses but no one came to the door and it was kind of a waste of a day till our last house. On the way up to his house my Soa felt like he should grab a Book of Mormon out of his bag. We went up and this guy was outside of his house, looking really sad. We had a nice chat with him and found out some stuff about him then he asked if we had a Book of Mormon and my Soa gave one to him. I could feel the spirit working on him. We were then about to leave and Brother Barnett asked him if we could give him a blessing and this guy could not answer with words. His eyes were full of tears and he couldn't talk, he just nodded his head yes and we gave him a blessing. This was my spiritual highlight of the week. Just little thins like this help me to know that I am supposed to be on a mission.

{Elder Nevitt's handy dandy took thing}
This week I also bout one of these handy dandy tools things for my bike, and while I was working on my bike my thumb got caught on something and I cut it. My Soa and I went to the lake that is in Waipuk and I found my duck. (DUCK DYNASTY Uncle Si would be proud of me!!!!) It was really fun exploring around the lake.

444 God will support! Love, Elder Nevitt

Sunday, May 5, 2013

5 May 2013.

This has been a good week too. I love living closer to town it makes it easier to buy food. The members here feed me pretty good. I can tell because I am getting a little fat! Maybe because I am not working out all the time. I sent a letter this morning hopefully that gets there soon. I hope you are putting my mission address as the return address to the letters you mailed for me.

Yesterday was Sunday and it was kind of sad. Tony didn't come to church, probably because it is in Te Hauke not Waipuk, that makes a difference for some people. But I am having great experiences every day while I am door knocking, there is always something to keep me going!!! That is the Lord and your prayers for me. Please send me pictures of Warner and the farm--I miss them.

 {Elder Nevitt playing basketball in the rain}
One thing that happened not to long ago, our mission had the privilege of having Elder Dallin H. Oaks come to visit. I was so excited to hear this. I kept thinking to myself I am named after him this is so cool! Now I get to meet him, nothing in this world would make me more happy! Then I found out that he already came and left; only the Wellington and Upper Hut Zones got to meet him. He wanted to shake everyone of their hands--All of the missionaries. I am not gonna lie this made me a little sad.

{Elder Nevitt's broken pedal}
After emails yesterday we went to go buy me medal pedals because the ones I had broke after 54 days!! While were were buying them it started to pour rain so we had to play basketball in the rain. It was cold but worth it. And the rings, please do that. Don't worry about the money Elder Kavea is paying me back!! And can you send me refils for my blue and black zebra pen!!

444 God will support! Love, Elder Nevitt