Sunday, August 4, 2013

4 August 2013.

I got my licence!! I'm so excited!!! I'm still in my first area with my second Soa (make sure you say Soa or Prahata). Yesterday my branch got a new President, a man that reminds me of Papa. I blessed a baby in church yesterday, her name is Castiel Heather Amber Grace Whitaker--a big name! I'm in my fourth transfer, I haven't changed we just got more people in the district.

{Elder Nevitt, The Whitaker Family and Elder Malarde}

The week before last I went on exchanges with my District Leader. I was able to learn so much from him but I know that he needed to be in my area. My Soa and I have been visiting this guy named Roger Deacon but he hasn't really kept any commitment we've given him. But with my District Leader, Elder Brown, our conversation with him went a lot better, he read the POS pamphlet. I didn't know what I was suppose to do next with him, he said that he had prayed and knows what he wants to do with his life again--and I didn't have anything to give him. Elder Brown gave him a paper that had 23 questions and scripture references on it for him to read. We will go by some time later this week to see if he wants us to read with him and explain any questions he might have.

{Elder Nevitt trying to give baby Cassie a Book of Mormon}

Last Thursday was Transfer day. This Sunday I had the opportunity to bless the baby of one of our investigators, Cassie Whitaker. She is so cute. Saturday night I went over to their house to so the baby could get use to me so she wouldn't cry during church and she fell asleep. It worked! I was able to bless her without any problems. I am so grateful! This has been one of my first opportunities to exercise my priesthood in front of more than my companion and the person needing a blessing. Some less actives came to church to watch the blessing and now I think I will be able to teach there kids it they have any questions about the church. Please pray for them; pray that their hearts will be softened. My branch has a new President, and he reminds me of Papa so much. But he can draw like no other, I'm going to ask him to draw a Nevitt Knight soon!!!!

{Elder Nevitt messing around while doing service}

{Above Elder Nevitt's desk}

{Elder Malarde burning his tie}

Nevitt Knights are Valiant in Testimony!!!! I am praying for all of you guys, please keep up the good health. Write you soon Ofa Atu!!!

444 God will support! Love, Elder Nevitt