Sunday, April 21, 2013

21 April 2013.

{Elder Nevitt having some fun with the cows}
I have been doing great this past week. Early this week we dropped this guy and had no idea where he had gone. Then one morning while we were biking along we saw him. We went and had a lesson with him and reset his baptism date to May 11th! I am so excited! We committed him to come to church and HE CAME!!!!! I had no idea missionary work was this fun. I thought it was just walking and knocking on doors and nothing happening. Yeah, it has been a good week. We haven't really talked with that Mark guy, he has been busy lately, but I know that he well be my next baptism date.

{Elder Kavea and Emporer Cuzco}
My Soa and I decided to travel to Wiapawa, another one of my areas, it is 6 km (3.7 miles) away and it was all good. We met with some old investigators and are going to try to set dates with the kids there. All was good, we were biking away and some guys stopped us and said he wanted his kids taught also and were we like, yes will do that. Everything was all fine and dandy then my Soa did a jump off the curb and his front tire went flying from his bike. He did like five somersaults, his arm was all scraped up and bleeding, he got a black eye and a sore knee. We went back home, 6 km, and I gave him a blessing; it was all right and hasn't troubled him since.

{Elder Kavea and Elder Nevitt in front of the church building}

We do a lot of service for Tony. He is an old man that needs a lot of help. It's also where we took the pictures of Emporer Cuzco. I had mussels the other night. We went to the house with them and we thought she was going to cook them--she didn't, we had them raw. Every time I hear a slurp sound it makes me want to throw up now. I was able to get 3 down and I lost my appetite for a couple of meals. After tea (dinner) we went home and I threw up a little--I couldn't keep anything down.

{Elder Nevitt and Emperor Cuzco}

444 God will support!!! Love, Elder Nevitt

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