Friday, April 5, 2013

5 April 2013.

Dear Family,

I wrote a couple of letters this week and will be emailing soon so I didn't write you one except for this.Malinda I got your letters and I love them so much. I loved how Warner would just sit and wait for the animals to come to him at the Fair. Megan I love you so much and I hope your knee will get beck to what it used to be. I like how Melanie is keeping me posted about my facebook. I usually find myself longing for it after an experience or something. You guys can all have a read through my letters they're all pretty good. A stamp here to go over there is $2.40, so I am going to write once a week maybe even less. I am working...never mind I will email you tomorrow. Show Mema and Pop and everyone our Thank You card. So Jono really has a swather, is Ole going to drive it. (I got stickers from Aunt Lorna!)

444 God will support! Elder Nevitt

Dear Nevitt Family,

This is Elder Kavae, just want to say Elder Nevitt is doing fine. He is picking up in the work and he has the best trainer in the mission at the moment. He is so funny and I love him so much for that. We get along really well so you guys don't have to worry, he is ok with me! lol

Love, Chief Khalifa

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