Monday, April 8, 2013

8 April 2013

{Elder Nevitt at the Hamilton Temple}

I have not watched Conference yet, they wait till it is out on DVD then we will go to Hastings to watch it. There were only 25 people in church this week. I need to get on it. Since I haven't had my license for two years they are making me pay 50 extra dollars and take a driving test--Pray for me!!!!!

{Elder Nevitt in his new home}

This week during DK we went to a couple of houses and they took our stuff but nothing. At a different house a guy came yelling at us "If you come back here, I'm going to charge you with trespassing " Scary stuff, I wanted to cry back home but my soa didn't think anything of it and stood strong and gave me courage to be able to do it! Then the next house we went to this guy named Mark took our pamphlet and wanted to know more of the truth. Great stuff! We went back the next day and gave him a Book of Mormon and we are going back there today to follow up...this right here is an answer to all of my prayers my first investigator. It made me so dang pumped!!!!

{El pato in greenie green!}

I have made eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the days the members don't feed us. Last night me and my soa watched The Best Two Years because he hasn't seen it. During the movie I made corn on the cob, it was good. He said he had never had it with salt before. I was like what???????? That's like on of the only ways I eat it. He also thought it was weird that I took a bite before I started to cook it to see if it would be good and I explained to him that that is how I did it on the farm when we grew corn.

{Elder Nevitt got a little carried away while giving Elder Kavea a haircut}

It is so cold here, it isn't even winter and I am freezing. It rained the other day, I hope it rains more so I can see how green it gets. Everything is kind of brown because of the drought. I'm working on getting to know all the streets which is going to be hard. I didn't even know the streets in Arizona all that well.

{Snail races during service}

Elder Nelson is in my district which is good, he reminds me a lot of home. There are a lot of JWs around this town, but it is all good we keep doing the work. My favorite scripture today is Alma 27: 26, look it up! Got to go

444-Love, Elder Nevitt


 {Sister Bird gave Elder Nevitt this sticker when he was teaching primary--I believe that's the back of his tag}

{Elder Nevitt's favorite sign in the airport}

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