Sunday, May 5, 2013

5 May 2013.

This has been a good week too. I love living closer to town it makes it easier to buy food. The members here feed me pretty good. I can tell because I am getting a little fat! Maybe because I am not working out all the time. I sent a letter this morning hopefully that gets there soon. I hope you are putting my mission address as the return address to the letters you mailed for me.

Yesterday was Sunday and it was kind of sad. Tony didn't come to church, probably because it is in Te Hauke not Waipuk, that makes a difference for some people. But I am having great experiences every day while I am door knocking, there is always something to keep me going!!! That is the Lord and your prayers for me. Please send me pictures of Warner and the farm--I miss them.

 {Elder Nevitt playing basketball in the rain}
One thing that happened not to long ago, our mission had the privilege of having Elder Dallin H. Oaks come to visit. I was so excited to hear this. I kept thinking to myself I am named after him this is so cool! Now I get to meet him, nothing in this world would make me more happy! Then I found out that he already came and left; only the Wellington and Upper Hut Zones got to meet him. He wanted to shake everyone of their hands--All of the missionaries. I am not gonna lie this made me a little sad.

{Elder Nevitt's broken pedal}
After emails yesterday we went to go buy me medal pedals because the ones I had broke after 54 days!! While were were buying them it started to pour rain so we had to play basketball in the rain. It was cold but worth it. And the rings, please do that. Don't worry about the money Elder Kavea is paying me back!! And can you send me refils for my blue and black zebra pen!!

444 God will support! Love, Elder Nevitt

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