Monday, April 29, 2013

29 April 2013.

I love you so much Mom, I just wanted to say thank you for all the prayers; I feel their comfort all the time.

{On my way to Napier}
This has been a great week, a lot of stuff went on. First, off I went on my first exchange that I was really away from my soa. I didn't know what to expect from being away from my father (in my mission all the missionaries have like their own family line. Elder Kavea, my father, has trained two other boys so I have two brothers. I am already an Uncle to someone.) Remind me to send a picture of my family tree. I went on the exchange with one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Bender, he is from Tasmania--that little island off of Australia. The area that we went to serve in is called Napier. It is close to the coast but I never got a picture of it. While we were door knocking we had a crazy lady come outside. This lady was really psycho! First off she told us her son was in Heaven and that she got to see his body (it had been tortured) and how he had a big hole on the back of his skull. Gross, but then she started on that she id tired of people f-ing hunting her. (While she said this she was about over the fence in Elder Benders face) Then she wend on to tell us the reason why she was being hunted was because she is part of f-ing Jesus Christs Blood line. It was the weirdest thing Elder Bender and I have seen. So that was something that I will remember about my first exchange. Elder Bender also told me I am getting better at talking to people, just use that big smile of yours!!!! So that made me feel better. I also got s hair cut from a member in this area; he gives all the missionaries free hair cuts and I look skuxx (hot, good looking)!

{Elder Bender and Elder Nevitt}
Just the past couple of days my soa and me have been moving. We moved from 7 Mclean Terrace to 1A St. Marys. It is like a 5 star hotel compared to the place we were staying at the other day. The reason we moved was because the senior couple in the area was released because of medical reasons. This is sad because this old couple would go around peoples homes door knocking and they were all about the work. I think it is very cool that I am moving into a new flat, it is close to my second transfer so I got to move into my other house for my next transfer.

{Elder Nevitt eating from the Tree of Life}
On Sunday my two branches met together. Taipuks chapel building is being renovated so we went to the Hauke building. Which is the other branch that we are a part of. It was good to meet them because we are stuck in Waipuk because I messed up on my license test. I will be doing in on the 20th of May and I won't forget anything that I need now.

It is good to know that you guys are safe.

{Elder Nevitt with Elder Dalit}

{Elder Nevitt and Elder Nelson}

Love you all, 444 God will support!!!! Elder Nevitt

Monday, April 22, 2013

22 April 2013.

Dear Familia,

I love each and everyone of you guys. It is funny what you guys told be before I left, I think all of it is true. I just had a thought to write this before I email today. So it's really just a letter of appreciation.

{Elder Nevitt's District}
Mom, I love you. I just want to say thank you for preparing me for this time in my life. I am having a blast and there is no need to worry about me alright.

Papa, I wish I could be doing all of that work for you. I really do miss it. I didn't think I would. But I am.

Melissa, I really need someone to do my hair. I really do not trust any of the Elders to do it. But I am going to have to face that fear sooner or later. I love you so much Sissa, be good!

Lala, I haven't seen any Hobbit of Lord of the Rings stuff. Sad, but my District Leader tried to take my Hobbit journal, he liked it a lot. Thank you so much for the letters and pics of you guys and my blog.

{Elder Nevitt and cows}
Melanie, Preston, and the boys. I can't believe that you guys have a turtle, shell-y. What in the world?! Does Warner ride it around? Is it like a real dinosaur? I think that it is pretty cool. And did someone start playing t-ball? You are the man ehell Swat az (azz) it's a saying everyone says. I love you guys a lot. I will write you guys soon.

Ole and Nae. How dare you guys go to Culvers! How could you do that? Well I guess that's ok. How's my baby Ipad? Does it miss me doing my facebooking on it? I heard that Kaydee is starting to roll all around, you should send me a video of it happening with my baby alright!!!! How's the D-Backs doing? I heard they beat the Yankees!

Chubby Muffin Megan, How are you going? Is your leg getting better? Haha I just thought I mess my toes with a tray also. We are just alike...does that look like a thumbs up? I miss you Megan, I love you too.

{Elder Kavea and Elder Nevitt in Lava Lavas}
Bye, Bye now family. Be good and keep out of trouble.

444 God will support!! Love, Elder Nevitt

p.s. Melanie I would like some decals! Please send the other letters, I don't have enough money!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

21 April 2013.

{Elder Nevitt having some fun with the cows}
I have been doing great this past week. Early this week we dropped this guy and had no idea where he had gone. Then one morning while we were biking along we saw him. We went and had a lesson with him and reset his baptism date to May 11th! I am so excited! We committed him to come to church and HE CAME!!!!! I had no idea missionary work was this fun. I thought it was just walking and knocking on doors and nothing happening. Yeah, it has been a good week. We haven't really talked with that Mark guy, he has been busy lately, but I know that he well be my next baptism date.

{Elder Kavea and Emporer Cuzco}
My Soa and I decided to travel to Wiapawa, another one of my areas, it is 6 km (3.7 miles) away and it was all good. We met with some old investigators and are going to try to set dates with the kids there. All was good, we were biking away and some guys stopped us and said he wanted his kids taught also and were we like, yes will do that. Everything was all fine and dandy then my Soa did a jump off the curb and his front tire went flying from his bike. He did like five somersaults, his arm was all scraped up and bleeding, he got a black eye and a sore knee. We went back home, 6 km, and I gave him a blessing; it was all right and hasn't troubled him since.

{Elder Kavea and Elder Nevitt in front of the church building}

We do a lot of service for Tony. He is an old man that needs a lot of help. It's also where we took the pictures of Emporer Cuzco. I had mussels the other night. We went to the house with them and we thought she was going to cook them--she didn't, we had them raw. Every time I hear a slurp sound it makes me want to throw up now. I was able to get 3 down and I lost my appetite for a couple of meals. After tea (dinner) we went home and I threw up a little--I couldn't keep anything down.

{Elder Nevitt and Emperor Cuzco}

444 God will support!!! Love, Elder Nevitt

Monday, April 15, 2013

15 April 2013.

I have been on splits with my district leader and two other Elders this week for conference. It is a little weird to flat with other Elders when I'm so used to doing different stuff with my Soa. General Conference was amazing. During priesthood session I loved how Beck talked about that Johnson girl and Carson; I was like yelling to everyone in my branch "I know them! I know them!" It was pretty cool. Right now I am in Hastings. I don't have any of my stuff--pray for me my driving test is in four hours--scary stuff.

{MTC with Elder Cook}
Turns out I messed up pretty bad; I left all of my papers for the driving test in Waipak (short for my area) so I called the office and they said to just schedule it for another day and it will be reimbursed. My favorite talk in conference was Elder Neil L. Anderson's signs and miracles will follow the faithful and Elder Ellis's about him growing up on a farm and how he related it to needing to stick to the basics

{MTC Elder Vanishi}
Exchanges were fun it was something to be able to go out with missionaries other than Elder Kavea. I went with Elder Evans (from my intake) and Elder Taelega he's a pretty cool guy but he only has two months left.  Elder Kavea and I were knocking doors this week and we met a Jehovah's Witness. She let us in but would hardly let us talk, she had a bunch of Mormon stuff, and we asked her why she wouldn't read any of them. We answered her questions of the first page of the Book of Mormon. I read it to her and I felt the Spirit, I even started to cry a bit as I bore my testimony, but she shrugged it off her shoulder. It was a different experience. It is starting to rain here, hopefully the mountains get green and I can send you green photos. Send me some pictures from T-ball and the farm and some of me. I love you all

444, God will support! Elder Nevitt

Monday, April 8, 2013

8 April 2013

{Elder Nevitt at the Hamilton Temple}

I have not watched Conference yet, they wait till it is out on DVD then we will go to Hastings to watch it. There were only 25 people in church this week. I need to get on it. Since I haven't had my license for two years they are making me pay 50 extra dollars and take a driving test--Pray for me!!!!!

{Elder Nevitt in his new home}

This week during DK we went to a couple of houses and they took our stuff but nothing. At a different house a guy came yelling at us "If you come back here, I'm going to charge you with trespassing " Scary stuff, I wanted to cry back home but my soa didn't think anything of it and stood strong and gave me courage to be able to do it! Then the next house we went to this guy named Mark took our pamphlet and wanted to know more of the truth. Great stuff! We went back the next day and gave him a Book of Mormon and we are going back there today to follow up...this right here is an answer to all of my prayers my first investigator. It made me so dang pumped!!!!

{El pato in greenie green!}

I have made eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the days the members don't feed us. Last night me and my soa watched The Best Two Years because he hasn't seen it. During the movie I made corn on the cob, it was good. He said he had never had it with salt before. I was like what???????? That's like on of the only ways I eat it. He also thought it was weird that I took a bite before I started to cook it to see if it would be good and I explained to him that that is how I did it on the farm when we grew corn.

{Elder Nevitt got a little carried away while giving Elder Kavea a haircut}

It is so cold here, it isn't even winter and I am freezing. It rained the other day, I hope it rains more so I can see how green it gets. Everything is kind of brown because of the drought. I'm working on getting to know all the streets which is going to be hard. I didn't even know the streets in Arizona all that well.

{Snail races during service}

Elder Nelson is in my district which is good, he reminds me a lot of home. There are a lot of JWs around this town, but it is all good we keep doing the work. My favorite scripture today is Alma 27: 26, look it up! Got to go

444-Love, Elder Nevitt


 {Sister Bird gave Elder Nevitt this sticker when he was teaching primary--I believe that's the back of his tag}

{Elder Nevitt's favorite sign in the airport}

Friday, April 5, 2013

5 April 2013.

Dear Family,

I wrote a couple of letters this week and will be emailing soon so I didn't write you one except for this.Malinda I got your letters and I love them so much. I loved how Warner would just sit and wait for the animals to come to him at the Fair. Megan I love you so much and I hope your knee will get beck to what it used to be. I like how Melanie is keeping me posted about my facebook. I usually find myself longing for it after an experience or something. You guys can all have a read through my letters they're all pretty good. A stamp here to go over there is $2.40, so I am going to write once a week maybe even less. I am working...never mind I will email you tomorrow. Show Mema and Pop and everyone our Thank You card. So Jono really has a swather, is Ole going to drive it. (I got stickers from Aunt Lorna!)

444 God will support! Elder Nevitt

Dear Nevitt Family,

This is Elder Kavae, just want to say Elder Nevitt is doing fine. He is picking up in the work and he has the best trainer in the mission at the moment. He is so funny and I love him so much for that. We get along really well so you guys don't have to worry, he is ok with me! lol

Love, Chief Khalifa

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 April 2013.

I got to come back and email again today because I had such a short amount of time yesterday. So here it goes; I am with Elder Kavea. He is from Sydney, Australia and he is split right down the middle, half Tongan and half Samoan. I really think he is a good guy, I love him already...I hope that it stays that way. I have no idea how to put pictures on the email. I'm gonna get a flash drive and see if that will help me with that because that's what took so long yesterday. My area is kind of small and big. I can't get to my other areas until I get my license. It's weird man everyone drives on the other side of the road. Someone  from the MTC wrote me saying that the AP that picked him up from the airport in Guam was ELDER ALLEN!!!! It is a small world. I can't believe he is the closest one to me right now!!!! I don't want you guys to worry about me, but I am homesick; if I am not studying or talking with my soa (companion) I am practically crying or wanting to cry!!!! I HATE MY BIKE. I have never felt so much dang pain in my butt, it hurts all the time. We haven't had that much success at all. We have to go door to door knocking and we haven't received any refurrals but I am still loving the work. I had my first District Meeting today! It was good, I gave the thought on virtue, we played ping pong and some other stuff.

Melissa: I need you to come cut my hair! My bike helmet makes my hair look so gross and I don't want to spend any money on getting it cut!!! I miss you so!!!!
Malinda: I don't know how to do the pic thing on the computer, come and tell me how to do it!!!! I love the blog, I'm looking at it right now. I wish there were more photos on it because I have a lot of them.

{Elder Kavea and a Sheep}
Melanie: It is so cool to know your boys are having fun. I try petting all the sheep around but they run away!!! There are tones of them here!!! Tell the boys I love them and Preston also.

{The Weta}
Ole: There is a house in my area with an Argentina flag, I'm gonna knock that door soon! It was so weird, there was this bug at the Mission President's house. It was so big and the pinchers on it...WOW!!! I love you, tell Kaydee and Janae.
Megan: How's your leg? I think about it and wish I had that problem when I'm riding my stupid bike. Hahaha. How's Duck Dynasty? The area I'm in reminds me of the Longfellow's from Baptist at our BBQ. Hahahahaha. It is so cool, I feel like Tartan, so many different things going on.

Mom and Papa, I love you guys so much, thank you so much for all you do!!!! I miss you so much. Always the little things make me think of you. I really don't write much because there is so much to write. After packing up all my stuff from the MTC and had left I had the thought, where is my electric shaver? Someone stole my shaver! I have to use my blades every day now, I get so mad about that (mostly at me). Don't worry about it I just wanted to tell you. The best soda here is L&P, look it up, it's really good. Also Tim Tams Australian, ask Wilkins what they are he will know. I don't know what else to write so much is going through my head.

444 God will support, till next week. Love, Elder Nevitt

Monday, April 1, 2013

1 April 2013.

Only gonna write one letter. To many people to write and it's time consuming. My area is Waipukurau!! Which includes Waipukurau, Takapau, Waipawa, Porangahau, Te Hauke, Otane, Ongaonga, Tikokino. I don't know how to pronounce any of those places. My companions name is Elder Kavea he is a mix between Tongan and Samoan  He is a great companion, I love him. I will send pictures when I figure out how to do it. In my town there is a John Deere Store and a Case store, I'm stoked about it. I gave my first blessing the other day. My time is up. I just want to say I love you, write in a week, bye!!!

444 God Will Support- Elder Nevitt