Monday, June 24, 2013

24 June 2013.

Well not that much has happened. Elder Malarde is feeling a lot better. We are back to working. Which I have found kind of hard to do again, going out into the cold.

{Winter in New Zealand}
I've hit my Hundred Day Mark!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited right now!!!!!

{The only car Elder Nevitt can drive in New Zealand}
Friday we did some door knocking which was FUN in the freezing wind. hahaha. Well it was not that bad, a  guy said that  we could come back next week. His girlfriend was related to the lady that died in our branch and he seems interested in learning some stuff. I also found some things I can make out of ties when I get home like art and plant pots--pretty cool.

{Playing Bazinga at the soccer game}
Saturday we went to go watch one our less active families kids play soccer. I don't know if that was such a good idea. It was cold but at least we showed some interest in their kids. I love going to play with them Their youngest kids remind me of playing with the boys and Kaydee. They love to watch the Big Bang Theory so we played Bazinga while their older siblings played soccer; they won  which was good 3 to 1. Makes me wish I played with the missionaries on P-day (When I come home I want to play with the missionaries on P-day if they can't be with their district, because I get so lonely only playing one on one in basketball). That night we went to have Tea at our appointment. Right before I open the gate I heard this loud POP!!!! and then this hissing. Which is weird because there are no snakes in New Zealand. I turned around and my Soa's bike tire popped. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It was sad because it was starting to rain and we did not want to walk back to our flat. The Young man that lives there said I'm not letting you walk home. He went out to his bike and started to take his tube out for my Soa. I thought that was very nice, so we were able to go home on our bikes, All's good!

{Elder Nevitt taking a little nap}
Sunday was fantastic. I am getting very comfortable there. After church I go and play a little with the little kids and talk to our only youth in the branch. Still combined for now, the work on the chapter is taking forever. Which is okay because we get to go to church in our other area that we are in charge of.

{Elder Malarde}
I am in my third transfer now, my third daily planner. WOW, time goes by fast. There has been some changes to our Hastings district. My district leader is Elder Brown (Aussi). Elder Nelson left me, it is the first time I have not had him in my district my entire mission. The Elder that replaced him is Elder Temahuki (Tahiti)--my Soa knows him a little from home. A funny story is that he called us to talk to Malarde and he was like do I know you and Malarde was like yes, we were from the same stake!! Funny as. And we get the privilege to have two sisters in our district now, which is going to be weird, I haven't been around sister missionaries since the MTC.

So that's all, I love you so much family. I'm still working on writing you but it is taking longer than I meant to, sorry about that, I will send more stuff then. Thank you all for all you do for me!!!!

444 God will support! Peace out, Elder D-Nev

PS my Soa turns 27 on the 30th!!!

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