Monday, June 10, 2013

10 June 2013.

Well Mom thanks, I love hearing from you and how everything is going on at home. This week has been quite a good week. I love my new Soa he is very powerful and a hard worker. Elder Malarde and I were in Waipawa this week and it was just raining like no other and we were having a hard time moving. We went and door knocked a couple of streets. We visited a family that we are teaching, they have little kids and I love going to their house, they remind me of primary--by the way, how is primary? I can't believe that the Jones boy would do that for me! No wonder Tony came to church this week--Now back to Waipawa. IT was dark when we got out from teaching this family. We had to bike 6 km in the dark. My Soa didn't have a light and it was tougher at night because I don't know if the traffic can see us. The next morning I work out I was so sore. I felt sick which is not a good think. Elder Malarde was already sick and he has asthma which is hard for him also. He tells me all the time that he wants to die on the mission--I tell him that he is pretty close to accomplishing that!

{Snow on the mountains}

Another great thing about my mission is that I get to go door knocking in what feels like freezing weather. It rains about every day when we decide to go door knocking. I am not a big fan of door knocking during the winter months. There is just so much rain and wind and it is also about 14 degrees Celsius here also. I'm surprised I haven't gotten really sick yet. It snows up in the mountain and it makes me happy I'm not serving in the south island. Invercargill is the farthest south a missionary can serve in the world. It is always cold there because of wind from the south pole. Wow!

{More Snow on the mountains}

This Sunday we had Tony come to church, it has been a long time but I didn't know how to get him to come to church. But like I said before it is because of all your prayers. Logan Jones fasting for my success! All I need to do is go about doing the right things: being 100% obedient to the standards. I remind myself of Papa when I was at church. I wore my new g's and I got a horrible wedgie when I got out of the car, and I was almost in the building when I noticed my fly was down.

{A Sister in the branch made Elder Nevitt a beanie}

Last night for Family Home Evening we went to the Litch's, their grandchildren were there and did Mormon Hypnotism. I felt like a complete idiot--I cannot wait to come home and do it to you guys...if you guys forget about it. Papa, I have almost perfected the matches trick, but I'm still working on it.

{Elder Maladre & Elder Nevitt after playing Mormon Hypnotism}

Love you all, I'm working on a letter home, it should probably be there later this year! Hahaha! Good news, I have almost hit my three month check point!!!! Thank you all!!

444 God will support! Love, Elder Nevitt

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