Wednesday, June 19, 2013

19 June 2013.

Well where do I start; there are so many things going through my head. First off I love all of you, thank you so much for what you guys do for me!!

{Nevitt Knight getting ready to fight}
It has been really fold here. I don't like it!!!! It can get really hard!! But WE NEVITTS DO MANY HARD THINGS WHILE SMILING!!!!!!!!!! I don't stop, I know when I do that's when it is going to get hard! My poor Soa has been sick in bed for the past two days, I can't believe how sick he is. I made sure he was all warm and that he had plenty of food. It was a pretty hard thing to do but today he is doing a lot better. It was a pretty hard thing to do but today he is doing a lot better we made it to the library, I hope we can do more after this. I have just been watching the Restoration all versions; the one we give out Lucy Mack Smith one and the Emma Hale Smith one. I've watched the Best Two Years a hundred times along with Saints and Soldiers, Finding Faith in Christ and a bunch of other church material. I also have caught up on all my training and studying. It has been a very boring past two days, I hope all is well in the next couple of days that will come.

{Playing a game he made with his rugby ball}
Monday I failed my driving test. I cried so much that night because I felt like I failed my Soa. But it is just a learning experience I didn't know what to expect and now I can change all of that. Which I will! My next test is on the third and I hope everything goes well. I am tired of paying $60 for the test. I want to wait till it can just change it when it has been two years with me holding my Arizona one, but the Mission President wants me to change it so that means the Lord wants me to, so I will be able to do it.

{Mata Riki}
Mata Riki (Maori New Year) was last Friday and we were able to go because a less active and investigator participated in it. It was cool, reminded me of a school performance the Primary School and College (high school level here) performed different things. The coolest one was the Haka!!!!! It was really cool. Our investigator did something with balls on string called a POI. There were a lot of girls doing it and it looked really cool. Afterwards there were fireworks, it was a very cool Friday night.

Some old lady in out branch passed away and in the Maori culture they have the body in the house day and night for three days. Each night they have a big feed so I was OK with that. I have been thinking this would be so weird to have this happen. And it is very disrespectful if you don't touch them. I didn't touch them because no one told me. I know now because someone told me after we left and you have to wash your hands after and sprinkle yourself. Now, when I did I want you to this with me alright, please do it with me. Hahahahahaha! That is about all. I love all of you! The church is true.

444, God will support!! Love, Elder Nevitt

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