Monday, June 3, 2013

3 June 2013.

Malinda what is the great news, Papa told me to ask you. This week has been bitter sweet for many different reasons. I got the package today; man I look good in the Gs. Hahaha, no the rings are great for me. I will send Elder Kavea his soon and I will let you know how much he loves it.

{Elder Kavea getting on the bus}

The start of this week was very sad with my Soa leaving. Man, you really don't know what to expect when your out on the mission. That is why I am an Eagle Scout--thanks to Mom--and I am always prepared, as the motto states. Kavea and I visited many different families, he wanted to say goodbye to a lot of them. Man, I felt the emotions, I can't comprehend what it is going to be like when my mission is over. I watched Legacy at the Barnet's house and I quoted the movie to them; I did an alright job and I think they were impressed. The day my Soa left was very sad. I didn't know what Elder Malarde was going to be like: did he know English? My worries were out of control. I didn't like it. I said goodbye and watched him get on the bus. I didn't want to cry because our Ward Mission Leader would have told everyone that I did, so I didn't. I waited a couple hours and Elder Malarde showed up. My new Soa was an answer to my prayers. He is a very nice man. His is twenty-six and cared for his grandparents before he came on the mission. One of the most humble persons I have ever met. He is from Tahiti, they speak a lot of French there. So he speaks really good French but not a lot of Tahitian. It is very hard to understand him at times. He speaks very broken English, but this is an answer to my prayers because I have to take the lead in talking to people. I have a hard time talking to people but he has given me confidence. He tries so hard to talk English with everyone I think to myself, hey I know English maybe I can talk with all these people too. But I don't like planning out the day and knowing what we need to do, it's hard, hard, hard but I'm happy, happy, happy!!!

{CTR Rings}

{Elder Nevitt with a Maori Taiaha}

{A river Elder Barnett showed them on a road trip}

444 God will support!!! Love, Elder Nevitt

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