Sunday, July 7, 2013

7 July 2013.

So two weeks have past. Sorry I didn't write you guys, I was going to but there wasn't enough time and we needed to leave the computers. During that week we had some fun. We went to a Kapa Haka tournament. It was so cool! It was four houses in the school. They went up and sang a couple of songs in Maori then they performed the Haka. Man it gave me such a rush! I want to be able to the Haka all the time now. I just need to work on the body and know what they are saying. That is all I can remember from that week.

{Elder Nevitt in the Rain}

Last week we did a few things. We were busy everyday. On Wednesday after District Meeting we went and took my driving test. The test was an improvement to all of my other ones. But it still wasn't good enough. I was speeding in a 30 k construction zone (I was going 40. I didn't think it was that bad but even with no other problems I failed because of that). I now know how important speed limits are when they are up! On Thursday, Elder Malarde exchanged his licence and I booked another one. I think I am paying for all the drivers in New Zealand with how much money I have given them. No good, but it is exciting that my Soa has his licence which means that we will get a car soon. We also visited Tony and he said that he is leaving the country soon which is really sad. But Tony doesn't seem so keen on leaving the country. I have fasted hoping he will make the right decision and stay!!!! I don't have that much time so I will write more next time and hopefully I get mu SD card to work without deleting all my photos!!!

{Elder Malarde in the Rain}

444 God will support! Love, Elder Nevitt

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