Monday, March 25, 2013

25 March 2013.

I can't Believe how long these two weeks have been. I have learned so much! But at the same time I feel like it is to overwhelming. But I knew if I do what's right it will be alright.

Megan, I just want to tell you I love you! I pray that your leg  is alright. I'm sorry that it has happened to you.

Ole, Jane and Kaydee, I love you guys so much. I look at the pictures on my camera and I just love Kaydee so much. Sorry I'm not there to give you a break from the Ipad.

Melanie, Preston and the boys, I miss your little boys so much. I just keep on thinking at what they look like and what I remember about them. 7, 5, 3 and I hope to have a little niece there also!! Keep my Facebook up and Instagram, add photos of my mission to that. Hahaha.

Malinda, I wish you were here with me. We went to the Hamilton temple and I felt like I was in the middle of  Rohan with Fangorn Forest all around!! I miss you so much. Hope you are getting lots of job offers for subs.

Sissa, they already gave me a hair cut! Yesterday all the elders got their hair trimmed. I was like this is the first time my sister has not cut my hair.

Mom, you have no need to worry about me, I am going great. I'm tired all the time. I sometimes need you but I am alright. I get along with almost everyone here. I just need to have food and the Tongans love me.

Papa, thanks for the scriptures. Whenever I miss you I play with my little tractor pin and read them. Some of the pages are gone in 2 Nephi and a couple of others but I guess I have to study some.

We did a session at the temple and I felt Pop. I fell asleep during the second one. This is all I'm gonna write, I'm kind of tired of writing. I have already written a lot in my journal and then writing a letter hard. I will write one to Mema and Pop soon.

444 God will support--Love, Elder Nevitt

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