Thursday, March 14, 2013

13 March 2013.

Well the plane ride was fine. It just felt like a big bumpy bus ride and they gave me two meals. I thought they weren't bad but they could have been better. I'm just glad that it kind of filled me up, I did not have to get up once during the flight!!! I watched two movies, well I didn't really watch them the people around me were watching Skyfall and The Hobbit!!! I can't wait to go out in the field and have my senior teach while I just listen. Thanks for all the prayers you guys it was not scary at all on the plane I felt the comfort of the Lord!! Thanks for all you do for me I miss all of you!! Well I was looking forward to sending you a bunch of photos of the water under me on the plane but it was dark and you couldn't see a thing. My name tag looks so cool like I am a real missionary!!!!! The MTC is great I love the food; I had spaghetti for breakfast it was different but I like it, and I had some tortilla chips I thought I wasn't going to be able to find those here. The MTC president is very cool, we had an interview and he said I will be going to the temple next Wednesday. I am in the Lehi district in room 12. I don't remember my comps name I don't think he has showed up yet! There are a lot of elders here that have been here for 4 weeks learning the English language, I am beginning to think now I am fine with the call I have of just English speaking!!!!! I have met an elder that came into my room from Samoa, I didn't understand a word he said. Uncle Randy was right; it is like a different language but I get what they are trying to say!! I love that I am out here serving...maybe it will get hard but I love it. Haha Elder Cuthbertson, I can't remember his name, said he saw you guys still out there!! It's sad but I really haven't cried that I have left you but it hasn't hit that I am really gone!!! That I am really in NEW ZEALAND! I can't remember anyone's name or even say there names it is hard for me.

Tell Jake thanks for the tie I like it a lot!!! So did the other people that saw me holding it, I told them that my best friend gave it to me and they were like that is so cool!! I share the same room with Jake Nelson and an Elder Cook, I think he is my comp but I really don't know. I have about ten minutes left and I need you to write me so I can think of what to write you next!! I love all of you at home!!! I need you to send me a lot of pictures of it, maybe that's why I'm not homesick yet but I would like some of the farm and the house and at least one of everybody in our family!!!! I miss you guys so much!!! I have been sleeping all morning, I'm gonna go play some basketball soon...hopefully I don't make a fool of myself!!!!

444 God will support, I love you all, Elder Nevitt


  1. oh how exciting!! so cool that he has already written. we love our elder nevitt so much, and will miss him a lot. we too pledge our support to him (444) through our family's prayers.

    - the redd family <3

  2. He sounds great! You are so lucky to have heard back so soon. We had to wait a whole week with no email or letters. I love all the pictures at the airport. We are praying for him!